Spam Nation as of November, 2006

Spam Nation

(A deliberate arrangement of unwanted & unedited email subject lines)

Hi, net-veined.

Let me give you some advice.

Don’t be inadequate anymore!

Don’t you wanna fuck like a pornostar

in the movie you saw yesterday?

Take control over your male body image.

Better Life, wing truss.


Multiple explosions.

Soldiers wounded.

Become stronger.

Smaller cuts.

Show your volume.

Today’s winner

benefits second.

Jump on this breaking news

first thing.

It’s the best thing

you had ever seen!

Every man wants it!


Read a letter.

Impress your girl

with prolonged hardness,

plentiful explosions,

increased duration.

Pay attention to the letter.

For anyone who wants

to become an oil-hardening

pea-picking champion in bed.

Your future, palm willow.

Your money, myrtle-leaved.

Your future, methylene blue.

Your money, posh egg.

Your future, Norse-american

Your cash, oven-shaped

Your future, oil slick

Your health, palsy-stricken


Your cash, open-flowered

Your future, olive drab

Your cash, mind-healer

All medications to cure yourself!

To buy or not to buy?

Any med for your girl to be happy!

Better Future, well-sanctioned.

Your money, olive-kernel oil

Better Future, witch-hunter

Your money, noodle-head

Better Success, wire edge

Better Future, whale-headed

Better Life, well-interpreted

Better Future, yellow-fever fly

Better Life, wind-beaten

Better Future, wing dam

Better Life, whole-feathered

Order status, mussel crab.


are you jealous of cute porn stars

with enormous dicks?

Why be an average guy any longer

nose leaf?

Women care more about the girth.

This delivers amazing results

and makes your dearest limb bigger

and better-working!

Make your dick longer than the Great China Wall!

Make other men envy you

and girls worship you.

Enjoy the newest.

Make your girlfriend

or wife speechless

with increased hardness, richer orgasms

and more power in bed.

Enjoy ssex with her!

Rock hard manhood.

Pony rides – 25 cents – 2 for 50!

Banned by Christian group.

Open something new for your self.

Separate yourself from other men.

Several times more semen volume.

Stop the painful craving for more food.

Take just a candy and become ready for 36 hours of love.

It is absolutely safety for your health!

Forget about it and take pleasure every night!

As long as you live.

Brand new.

Want to be perfect lover?

And it’s not strange – you cuum very fast!

The head of your ppenis is so sensitive…

Don’t feel bad.

Feel Better Now!!

Harvest the cream from this stock,

seasoned traders recommend it.

Oh, you do it very fast…

It’s not wonder your girlfriend is very angry!

You always cuum during a sexxual performance…

I think your girl doesn’t like it at all…

It’s a pity, because you could do it with her much longer!

Stop doing it; this small thing will help you!

Buy Exttra-Time and forget your fears!

Work anytime, be creative, and make money.

Discover the latest.

Surely you only dream of it.


Update your PayPal records.


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