New Digital Art

Well, it’s been a while but now that I’ve finished with my new Harmonica: So Low CD and have had a couple more days snowed in from jamming, I have managed to finish 2 new digital art pieces. It feels so great to get back to my art after almost a six month break.  (I have only been doing this computer art thing for a little over a year now anyway).  So, it really seemed to click (no pun intended).  The Fowl Flowers piece is one I have been thinking about since the time clicked the photo last August.  (For the first time ever I even framed the photo when I took it with some digital manipulations in mind).  I was so surprised at how much I liked the ducks swimming on the one sunflower that I put a photo that my niece sent me from a Hawaiian fish market in a second flower.  All in all it definitely feels a little dada even though I can’t help but think about Van Gogh when I look at it.

Fowl Flowers

The Touch piece is a true “digital painting” in that no photographs were harmed in the production of this art.  It was the first chance I had to create from a blank page using my new Corel Painter software.  It was really just too much fun.

Please let me know what you think of my new work.  (Be as brutal as feel you need to.)  If you like these, I have more of my digital explorations for view at  Thanks for checking out my play.



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