This Moon

This Moon

scrapes the thawing earth,
gnaws on lurking snow.
Skin melts to skin as I draw you in.

How do we stumble
across what makes us alone
into this radiant knitting of bone?

Your heart drives my blood.
My arms swathe your moans,
breathe with your lungs.

Too many years without you,
frosted with pain for so long, gone
like moon shadow in a blaze of dawn.


2 thoughts on “This Moon

  1. How do we stumbleacross what makes us aloneinto this radiant knitting of bone?ah, we are so darn lucky. stumbling, it is … though one might say that you were paying attention as you bumbled … and therefore are so lucky.

  2. Paying attention now. Yes sir but getting here was blind instinct, like a moth to a flame. I am just thankful for the magical nature of the universe!md

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