Never Ask a Poet Directions (Digital Poem Version)

“Never Ask a Poet Directions” is a digital poem that resulted from a collaboration between M. D. Friedman and SUB(liminal) Space Research Group. The poetry, sound art and video were created by M. D. Friedman. The choreography was created by SUB(liminal) Space Research Group and performed by dancers, Caitlin M. Gill and Kim Cunningham in conjunction with Boulder Fringe Festival’s 2011 Poetry in Motion Project. Caitlin M. Gill’s and Kim Cunningham’s performance of their artistic response to M. D. Friedman’s “Never Ask a Poet Directions” poem was videotaped August 13, 2011 by M. D. Friedman as part of the Poetry in Motion Project event. The video was edited and original sound art for the piece was created by M. D. Friedman in December of 2010 and January of 2012. The text only version of “Never Ask a Poet Directions” was first published by Liquid Light Press as part of M. D. Friedman’s Leaning Toward Whole chapbook released in June of 2011. It has since been released as a digital poem video embedded in an enhanced multimedia e-book version of Leaning Toward Whole. See for details.


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