Open the Light

There is something more that shines through all that we do and feel. Deliciously polyphonic and full of healing love, “Open the Light” is a gift made of gifts. Thank you so much to Alexander Bernat​, who has taught me and so many others about power of kindness and the joy of giving. Mad Dog Friedman on oak flute and Theremini. Alexander Bernat on Celtic harp.


Eye Land

Sometimes I think about this very old alien Muppet trapped on a tropical island playing an ethereal accordion. Sometimes I can’t get his haunting music out of my head. Is it a self-portrait? Maybe, but not mine. I mean it is the nature of art to blur reflection and introspection. It is at the heart of human nature to define your own reality. All art is a self-portrait in one way or another.

Annie’s Song

Algal Bloom, a Digital Painting by M. D. Friedman

The inspiration for this piece came from being locked into an eye to eye connection with an alpha frog in a nearby wetlands. I was enjoying the connection, feeling his wildness, as we somehow morphed together in a primordial forest, very peaceful yet somehow always underneath what I normally perceive as the wetlands…

ice, an experimental video

M. D. Friedman added his original Theremin composition , Amusement Park Accident to the sound track of his Ice dance screen scape video with significant synergistic effects to make this enjoyable experimental video a stand alone experience on July 9, 2013.
The Ice video was conceived as the projected video backdrop for Lines, a live, multidimensional performance of original poetry, music and dance by M. D. Friedman, Roseanna Frechette & Mila Popovich. The performance was a featured at the 25th Annual Poetry Rodeo on April 19, 2014, at the Mercury Cafe in Denver, Colorado.
You may download the spontaneous theremin composition, Amusement Park Accident, at
You may download Hand in the Machine, an entire album of M. D.’s spontaneous theremin compositions, at
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