Drones for Peace Launch

It’s done. 17 tracks and over an hour of pure Theremini bliss. Not like anything I have ever done.  Not sure who might like this. Not sure why I am releasing this. Ultimately I feel if you resonate with it, I would be be happy to give it to you, it is all about connection and healing, so just message me on Facebook at facebook.com/maddogharp and I will send you a free download code.



ice, an experimental video

M. D. Friedman added his original Theremin composition , Amusement Park Accident to the sound track of his Ice dance screen scape video with significant synergistic effects to make this enjoyable experimental video a stand alone experience on July 9, 2013.
The Ice video was conceived as the projected video backdrop for Lines, a live, multidimensional performance of original poetry, music and dance by M. D. Friedman, Roseanna Frechette & Mila Popovich. The performance was a featured at the 25th Annual Poetry Rodeo on April 19, 2014, at the Mercury Cafe in Denver, Colorado.
You may download the spontaneous theremin composition, Amusement Park Accident, at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=628389&songID=12719119&showPlayer=true
You may download Hand in the Machine, an entire album of M. D.’s spontaneous theremin compositions, at http://maddogfriedman.bandcamp.com/album/hand-in-the-machine
Please see http://www.mdfriedman.com to keep up with M. D. Friedman’s latest creative projects.